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San Tomeu

To start off, the San Tomeu resorts give great deals on amazing bedrooms, ranging at different sized rooms and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Although the number of bedrooms and bathrooms are no different from average hotels, what makes them unique is the keen features open for each room. No internal design was sacrificed as these rooms where built, and unlike common hotels, the rooms are custom painted to feel as if it were a home and not a villa.

For San Tomeu, the most important part of their business is its customers, and they take pride in pampering every single one. The longer someone stays at the resorts, the harder it will ever be to leave the incredible accommodations they were given.
Outside of the rooms, San Tomeu has entirely amazing activities that are available within the walls (or right outside) of it.  Built on acres of privately owned property, each villa is a calm getaway haven; people staying at the hotel can have their choice of serenity, or a nice day of activity. The area surrounding the initial building is sprinkled with green lawns and stunning forestry to enjoy and walk around in. Along with its stunning looks, the plot is far enough away from any highways, roads, or cities so that all is silent and kept clear from light and sound pollution. Each villa is created in outstanding areas, either overlooking gorgeous mountain sides, or viewing large spans of flat, well-nourished green plains. However, if the scenery isn’t what makes a vacation special, then the days at the pool certainly will.

Pools in San Tomeu are nothing short of amazing, large enough to fit in most of the hotel with still enough room to move around comfortably. The crisp, clean water of the pool provides perfect relief if the sun decides to be too hot, and once out of the pool, there are plenty of benches to lay down and relax; maybe even take a quick nap or sun bath. All the while, the kids can be able to play in a shallow end without having to be worried about. Carefully created – Roman style – steps lead into a part of the pool that is the perfect size for any little kid to play in and have an enjoyable time. Just as the larger pools – measuring an average of 10 meters per resort – the water in the shallow end is warmed (or cooled) to match the days needs and be the exact escape from the sun that is needed.
Although San Tomeu is far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby cities and highways, they are always close enough so that the drive is quick and simple. Most drives form San Tomeu resorts and a close city average out to be 15 minutes or less, this makes a night on the town closer than is expected. Each nearby city gives plenty of entertainment when the time for getting out of the resort for the day comes along. Even though, once inside any San Tomeu resort, there will be no desire to leave, the rest of the island gives great memories. Surrounding cities and towns will give visitors of the island the experiences they desired, all in just a few short miles of the San Tomeu villas.
The Islands of Menorca is a great place for tourists, it provides beautiful countryside and an abundance of activities to enjoy.  The most elegant item the island has to offer, is the place known as San Tomeu – a great resort for any planned holiday,  it’s affordable, comfortable, and enough to make any trip the vacation of a lifetime.

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