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The city’s matchless dualities entail the abundance of Spanish and Menorcan history in its museums and edifices with an imposing and prosperous natural port. In fact, Mahón encompasses the second most cavernous harbor in the world; it is 5 kilometers long and nearly 900 meters wide. The Mahón airport is only 4.5 kilometers southwest of Mahón. From Mahón, there are frequent flights to Madrid, Palma Mallorca, and Barcelona.

-Best Times to Visit Mahón

Mahón has three major festivals:

. Holy Week takes place in March or April with formal demonstrations in the City and the neighboring villages.

. Carnival happens a week before Lent.

. Fiesta de la Mare-de Deu de-Gracia takes place from September 7th to the 9th. This is the most delightful fiesta of all the three major festivals. Roads are closed by local shops and street festivities with drink, food, and music are everywhere throughout the city. Every age group can enjoy the festive spirit of dancing and singing, and during the evening, a fair takes place while on the last night of festivities a firework display arouses emotions.

-How many days to spend in Mahón

Menorca is a small island. No matter where you stay, you will be closely situated to the capital, not more than an hours ride by automobile from the main city. To really absorb its abundance of history, exquisiteness, and culture, a few days, maybe three, would suffice.

Localizing visits in the Mahón vicinity does not separate travelers from the island’s various attractions since there are always opportunities to enjoy something wherever they are situated. In addition, the beaches such as Sa Mesquida and Es Castell are in close propinquity to the city, as well as antediluvian sites of the Talayot of Torrellonet-Vell and Talayot-Village of Trepucó.

-Things to do in Mahón

A visit to the Museu de Menorca, which is the island’s main museum, envelops the Islands archaeological history jointly with a compilation of fine art. There is also the 18th Century Xoriguer Gin-Distillery sited on the Moll de-Ponent harbor front. Visitors admire the vast copper stills, churning to produce a sparkling spirit that can be tested right there and bought at the distillery store. In addition, a boat cruise circling the harbor is a perfect way to view and take photos of their elaborate harbor. Harbor tours are about one-hour and tickets can be obtained from the nearby Xoriguer Gin-Distillery.

– Mahón day trips

Near to Mahón right to the north is S’Albufera-des Grau Natura Park. A trip planned around the enjoyment of the stunning natural landscapes in Menorca’s Biosphere-Reserve developed in 1993 would is quite enchanting.

Sant Lluis, the village developed by the French, is known as Moli de-Dalt. Established in 1762 through the short French control of the island of Menorca, it is supported by two extra windmills that create amazing scenery of the village. Visitors to Moli de-Dalt will witness machinery refurbished utilizing original parts with engineering that was used almost two hundred and sixty years ago.

-Additional facts

Near the finish of the 20th Century, restoration of the Mahón historic center was only achievable by revenue from tourism. Through cleverly distributing funds along with a sensible vision, Mahón has become a charming city capable enough of holding its own. In addition, a time-honored cheese produced on the island has the same name as the city. There are those who feel that the source and word “mayonnaise” was founded in the small town of Mahón itself.

There has also been a bit of controversy over the spelling of the name Mahón in the English language. Because of the overall propensity in English to overlook accent-marks in foreign spellings, a vast number of dictionaries relate to the modification spelled “Mahon,” while a host of other sources swears by the Catalan name “Maó” and Spanish spelling of “Mahón.” In spite of this, Maó is the sole legitimate form, which is acknowledged by the regional, national, and local government. Nevertheless, Mahón is a stunning city to visit with all of the things that makes a holiday worth the time it takes to get there.

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