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On arrivals, a person can be treated to appealing natural harbors, beautiful surroundings and the friendly locals who live in the town.


It is true to say that much of the region has remained unknown to many, yet the beauty it continues to give remains captivating. There goes a popular saying that states that if you fail to spot a white color, the next color you will spot is blue. This is evident in the area which is surrounded by crystalline waters and the blue colored horizon that stretches into the plains. When a person considers this and takes into account the soothing effect that comes with color, one is deeply convinced that is indeed the place to visit.


Fornells offers a fleet of cars tourist can hire if they want to explore the town on their own and get to enjoy what the magical island dishes. For example, the Menorca is known to features top tourist attractions sites. Some of the most common include; El Torro which is the highest point in the island. This is a great place to enjoy the amazing view of the whole island; there is also Trepuco which is a prehistoric site and there are beautiful harbors where you can rent a boat to explore the marine. These are some of the places you can visit to enhance your travel experience.


When staying in Fornells you can take part in the many sporting activities offered to the visitors. These activities are ideal for families, couples and people who desire to make their traveling experience memorable. This resort will provide hiking, adventure sports, horse riding, cycling and much more as part of the terrestra activities conducted in the area. Available assistance is also given to visitors when required. There is a dedicated team of staff are always there to ensure you get the most unforgettable holiday experience in the region.
Come enjoy the best in amenities when you visit fornells resorts and enjoy what Spain has to offer. There are many resorts and homes that you can hire to shelter your family, while you explore this great island. Finding accommodation should be the last thing you have to worry about, since the resort offers different accommodation packages to answer all your needs. Fornells ensures visitors get to enjoy the most advanced amenities without sacrificing much on their expenses. If all you ever want is undisturbed comfort and security during your stay in the islands, choose Fornells resort and you will not be disappointed.


Since the town is located on what was traditionally referred to as the fisherman’s town you can expect to find a lot of fish as their staple food. Fornells understands that meals are part of a person’s holiday experience. In that regard, they have made efforts to give different menus visitors can enjoy while under their roof. Whether you are more adventurous to sample the local seafood menus or international cuisine worry less, because it can always be made available for you. The resort employs some of the best chefs who are charged to ensure all your stomach needs are fully met.


Lastly, the weather of this tranquil place is mostly sunny throughout the year. Although there are times when the weather gets worse, in such times little tourist activities is experienced in the regions. All in all Fornells is the place to rest, explore and experience perfect peace in the beauty of the islands. Particularly on the month of July visitors can join the locals and celebrating the ‘fetes’ which is a municipal organized fiesta. The other one is ‘Mare De Due Del Carme’ which is organized by the local fishermen. These are some of the many festivals tourists can enjoy as they blend with the locals in this attractive island.

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