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Situated on the west coast of Menorca, Cuidadela is incredibly popular with travelers, searching for a quiet place to spend their vacation. You will soon discover that amongst all of the old traditional places, there is a fresh, stylish feel to the town. People from all over Menorca, travel to this coastal town for the delicious, fresh fish, which is served daily.


The town is only 45 minutes from the airport, making it a popular choice for families searching for the ideal destination. The town faces the sea and is a picturesque place to stay for a short break, or a longer vacation. This is also the place that you will need to be if you intend to catch a boat to Mallorca.


Tourists love the beaches, natural coves and exciting urban spaces that make Cuidadela so unique from the other towns and cities on the island. As you approach the town, you will pass an incredible statue, which symbolizes the most significant fiesta on the island. The magnificent masterpiece of a raring stallion is stunning.


Fiesta de San Juan is a huge celebration, which takes place at the end of June, and many people will travel to the town to celebrate with friends and family. There are several different parties, processions and activities during this period. If you are fortunate enough to be in Cuidadela, you will go home with lasting memories.


Plaza de’s Born is the main square, and a hive of activity throughout the whole day. This are of the town is considered to be one of the best places to admire the harbor. The stunning views that you will experience from the square are amazing. However, the center of the square is also breathtaking as the huge obelisk, which dominates the square is incredible.


This historical monument commemorates the defense of the city against the Moors in 1558. Many local people come to this area to remember their ancestors, and how the island fought to become what it is today. Throughout the day, the older generations sit and enjoy the sunshine, whilst the local children play in the square.


There are plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants to enjoy in the harbor and the local people will make you feel incredibly welcome. You will soon begin to experience the laid back way of life, and realize that not everything is a rush. Sitting watching the world go by in a quaint back street cafe is idyllic to many people.


Moving away from the square in Cuidadela, you can wander through the side streets into the old part of town. The area is incredibly flat making it ideal to explore on foot, and discover all of the fascinating landmarks on offer. One of the most dominating buildings in the town is the town hall, as it is located on top of the Old Arab Citadel.


This building dates back to the 19th century, and many parts have been preserved from the original, primitive construction. The Palace Torre Saura is also located here and is open to the public to explore. You will also notice the distinctive Neo classic red facade of the Palace of Vivo is in this area.


The cathedral is another distinctive building in Cuidadela, which many people travel to admire. This building was commissioned in the 14th century, and was instructed to be built on top of the High Mosque, which stood during the Arab rule. The stunning Catalan Gothic influences have made this cathedral fascinating.


The food in the town is traditional, and many of the bars and restaurants only use locally grown and caught produce. The sea provides a huge amount of ingredients, and the local lobsters are delicious to have in the prestigious lobster casserole. The homemade mayonnaise is another traditional recipe, which is delicious. With so many incredible food and drinks to discover, it is not difficult to see how entertaining is delightful.

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