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Menorca Resorts

Menorca has many tourist resorts in which you can stay in, many of which will offer 5 star hotels, apartments and of course many golden sandy beaches, bars and some wonderful restaurants.

We have snippets of the main tourist resorts in Menorca, you can read a small introduction to each resort and if you wish continue reading more information.



Mahón, well known as Maó, is the capital city of Menorca situated in the eastern section of tan independent population of nearly 30,000 inhabitants, of the Balearic-Islands, Spain. The remarkable municipality offers travelers the wondrous combination of old and new structural design.

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If you are planning to take a trip to Spain and looking for an excellent resort Fornells is the place to visit. The resort is located in Menorca Island or in a region referred to as the town of the fishermen. Visitors who want to access this preferred destination can approach it from North West of the capital which is called Mahon. Travelling from the capital to the resort is approximately 20miles to 30mile away.

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Cuidadela is a town and municipality located on the beautiful island of Menorca, which is part of the Balearic Islands in Spain. This area of Menorca is 186 squared kilometers and has just over 30,000 inhabitants. At one time, this town was the capital of the island and is surrounded in some fascinating history.

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San Tomeu

Everyone needs a vacation once in a while, but no vacation is ever complete without the perfect place to stay; if islands off the coast of Spain are the ideal vacationing spot, then the San Tomeu resorts will help make the trip complete. Spain and its surrounding areas can sometimes cost a fortune, but that’s why its important to get the right place to stay that will give a quality stay at a price that is not out of reach. As fancy and affordable goes, these villas offer truly the best selection on the island of Menorca.

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