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Porto Colom

The main focus on the town is the large harbor and it is certainly relaxing to sit around in one of the several cafes that surround the area and watch the world go by. A stay here is able to offer you a snap shot of the more traditional way of life in the Mediterranean without you encountering holiday reps or clubs with booming music into the early hours of the morning.

With regards to the hotels that are available then there are several three and four stars that offer all of the modern things that the tourist now expects. A number of them are focused around the southern part of the town which is in the area of one of the main beaches called Cala Marcal which is the main tourist hotspot of the town. The prices are perfectly reasonable and in line with what you would expect to see elsewhere across the island.

Due to the wonderful climate there is a good chance that you will want to visit the beach to soak up some sunshine and for this there are two very good beaches in Porto Colom. The first one has already been mentioned, Cala Marcal, but the other main beach you may wish to visit is S’Arenalet with both being kept tidy and both missing the same overcrowded feeling that is prominent elsewhere.

Should you be more interested in nature, or history, then the Nature Park Mondrago is certainly worth a visit. For history then you may wish to explore the Prehistoric burial sites in the area, known as Navetas, with these being some of the most important sites on the whole island.

When it comes to shopping then you should not expect there to be any top international brand names in Porto Colom but instead there are a number of more traditional shops, as well as those that cater for the tourists. If you want the more common souveniers then you need to head towards the beach area but for everyday items then stay around the harbor where you should be able to get everything you need.

If you are someone who enjoys the nightlife then this is not the resort for you as they do not rowdy bars or clubs but instead it is more about a quiet restaurant or a few drinks in either a hotel bar or there are several scattered around the city. It does mean that the town feels a lot safer to be in at night as opposed to the busier resorts elsewhere.

So Porto Colom is a quiet, laid back resort in Mallorca that is ideal for you to just get some sun and relax. You will not be pestered by people who are drunk but can just enjoy the way people used to live in this part of the Mediterranean.

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