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San Antonio Bay

One can take a trip to Ibzia very simply and easily. There are a number of flights into the area.There is even airport pick up to the hotels. The Baleraic islands are quite peaceful, lovely and have a number of resort communities as part of their make up. Ibiza has a number of beautiful and exceptional resorts for visitors. The Balearic islands are an archipelago in the Western Mediterranean sea.

The four largest islands in the archipelago are Majorca,Minorca, Ibzia and Formentara. Ibzia enjoys a balmy Mediteranean climate with warm breezes most of the year. These islands are a little bit of paradise.
The islands are independently governed, and speak primarily Castillian Spanish, and Catalan. Tourism is the primary industry of the islands.

There are several resorts that make their name or Izbia. One of the resorts that is famed the world over is the main resort of San Antonio. San Antonio offers great beaches. It also has some of the best bays, harbors and boating with nightlife. These include numerous bars and restaurants in the area. One of these is the club KM A local disco, and the Pint Pot located right on the bay itself.

Naturally, one of the focal points of the area are the great beaches such as San Antonio Beach, Cala Bossa and Cala Conta located a short ferry ride away from the main island area.

The San Antonio Bay area also features some great restaurants such as the Sa Souca which features authentic cuisine of the area, and a vine covered quaint setting for visitors. One of the other exceptional restaurants in the area is the Contra Verde bar and restaurant that features a tapas bar, and offers local favorites.
Accomodations are plentiful in San Antonio since there are a number of hotels that make their home on the island. One of the premier hotels in the area is the 4 star Bellamar hotel with spa The Gran sol is a 2 star option. or the hotel Jurat nearby for those who prefer less expensive accomodations.

San Antonio also has fiesta time during many evening where street parties abound. The resort also has options in terms of things to do during the day. There are boat charters, sightseeing tours and water sports offered to visitors. The lovely waters of the Mediterranean are always fun to eplore and a family friendly option. Other things to do while on Izbia include mountain bike tours, and sightseeing around the beautiful island. Izbia is a collection of villages and one can spend their time eploring some of the local towns, and visiting the friendly locals in their shops. There is something to do for every member of the family in this island paradise. The weather is often perfect for outdoor adventures so, taking advantage of the many options that are available for tourists seems like a really great way to spend a vacation. Whether one is deep sea fishing or simply relaxing on the beach, this island has it all. One will not want to leave.

San Antonio has something for every member of the family including the kids. Some child friendly options is the area include the mini train that runs back and forth between the resort communities, as well as play ground areas for the small fry. Naturally there are some beautiful and friendly beaches for the kids to play on as well.

Great shopping abounds in the San Antonio area as well. Not only are there shopping venues like the San Antonio Centre, located a short hop away, there are also seasonal craft markets that make their home in the San Antonio region. There are numerous tourist shops in the area as well. Visitors to San Antonio resorts won’t lack for things to do on their visit to the island paradise. San Antonio truly has something for every visitor. San Antonio resort is a marvelous place to visit. Be careful, you might not want to leave.

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