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Ibiza Resorts

They are many different resorts in Ibiza, all of the main tourist resorts will offer you good bars, restaurants, beaches and much more but many will also offer something slightly different to the others.  You can read about each of the main tourist resorts in Ibiza here by clicking on the more information link.

Ibiza Town

Just getting away from the daily routine is absolutely essential. Planning a trip to the right place is another important factor because in this day and age not everyone has the money to take off and go on a vacation so if you are going to treat yourself then you really have to plan for it.

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It is hard to refute that Ibiza Town is home to a number of the most renowned nightclubs. If you are making an effort to book holidays to Ibiza,you have most likely recognized that accommodation in this city is hard to come by. On the other hand, close by is the resort of Talamanca where you can get some incredible arrangements for your holiday delight.

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Playa d’en Bossa

Travel guides and personal testimonies all point in one direction: toward the Playa d’en Bossa resort. This resort has an extremely ideal location, situated between Ibiza town and the main island airport. The resort stands out among the rest because it boasts of holding the largest stretch of beach on the island, spanning almost three kilometers.

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San Antonio Bay

San Antonio resort on the north side, is one of the most beautiful areas in Ibzia. It has beautiful views of the bay, and it’s sunsets are famous the world over. Truly. it is one of the most beautiful places in world.

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Es Cana

Located on the east-coast of Ibiza island; Es Cana resort has everything you will need for a lively and relaxing holiday. Es Cana is one of the biggest resorts in Ibiza which has preserved a lot of its unique character. With its quaint white washed buildings overlooking a small harbor, you just cannot help it, but feel relaxed staying in this resort while taking in the sea air.

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