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La Savina

It is simple with lots of sunshine, great beaches and on occasion solitude. This is an idyllic setting to enjoy yourself and chill out because of its quietness.

The entire Formentera Island has residents in excess of seven thousand individuals. The majority of the inhabitants are Italian and most of the natives speak Italian. La Savina is mostly centered on the harbor area. The area has busy taverns and restaurants and numerous scooter, bike and car rentals. The area stretches out between a sheltered harbor on one side and an inland lake on the other side. There are tremendous views in all places in this village.
The tourism in this area has been on an upward trend. The number of vacationer arrivals has been increasing rapidly over the years. During the peak season, tourists overflow the island. The vacationers mostly come on package holidays but some are independent travellers. The landscape of the beaches has attracted beach tourists who want to enjoy the beaches and the amazing climatic conditions. This milieu actually guarantees total recreation and relaxation.

Accommodation in this beautiful town is mainly small welcoming hostels. These are categorized as one and two star and are impeccable for people who want peaceful lodgings. The hotels are guaranteed to give you a special holiday. Camping is not allowed on this Island, therefore, you must make reservations on one of the guesthouses. This is an excellent way of spending your vacation because you will be surrounded by calm, natural and beautiful views.

La Savina has a lengthy history with numerous historical and cultural attractions, beautiful castles, museums, watch-towers, maegalithic sites, art galleries and Lighthouse La Savina. La Savina is ideal for diving, sailing, snorkeling, cycling, and walking through the beautiful sandy beaches.  In addition, tourists can walk or cycle around the twenty itineraries and rural paths. Furthermore, La savina has a Bronze age monument called Ca Na Costa, which was erected in 1700BC. This fascinating monument is positioned between Es Pujols town and La Savina and is of colossal architectural significance.

Holidaymakers can get an opportunity to visit spectacular coastlines of Illetes and Llevant in La savina. These are among the most popular beaches in the world. These beaches are surrounded by strikingly white shorelines and sparkling blue waters of the ocean on the both sides. This is a perfect place for vacationers to relax on the romantic dunes that embellish this island. The area can be a perfect place for couples who want to delight in intimacy and privacy of isolated, natural scenery and a warm appealing atmosphere, with spectacular sunsets. All these fascinating sites and comforts come at a very affordable price hence can be visited by people from all walks of life.

The cuisine and gastronomy La savina is exceptional. The area is acknowledged for its outstanding wines, fresh fish, botifarro (blood sausage), local sobrasada (paprika sausage), honey, cheese and mouthwatering fruits and vegetables. The most popular dish is fish among the locals. You can enjoy these delicious meals in the evening in several restaurants in the town in the presence of splendid sunset and natural surroundings. There are a range of beach restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs where tourists can appreciate the La Savina cuisine.
Vacationers can also visit Ibiza Island. The major port in Formentera is found in Ibiza in La Savina town. Ibiza Island can be accessed easily and there are numerous activities to be done on this Island. There are fast boats that leave every two hours from La Savina harbor to Ibiza and the journey takes thirty minutes.

The exceptional environment in La Savina guarantees leisure and total relaxation for the visitors. Most tourists are so enthusiastic of La Savina because of its natural beauty and the satisfaction they get from the simple, healthy lifestyle involving walking or cycling along the first-rate cycle trails and the well-marked hiking tracks. The marvelous activities and sites will make your holiday memories to last for a lifetime. Come and appreciate this wonderful Mediterranean island that is approximately two hours away from key European airports.

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