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Es Pujols

The breathtaking scenic feature of Es Pujols include the gurgling blue ocean waters, white sandy beaches and well constructed walkways for the tourists to take a stroll through the picturesque backdrop of the place. Together with the aesthetic splendor, Es Pujols also satisfies the tourists with its steaming hot night life, luxurious hotels and restaurants and series of amusements.

Resturants and hotels in Es Pujols

Es Pujols has a number of hotels and restaurants in order to render comfort and refreshment to the tourists who come here. These venues offer a range of packages, which suit the level of affordability of a wider range of clientele.Pinatar Restaurant
This venue is the ideal one for an evening hangout. It is one of the quality eateries in Es Pujols that specialize in local fishes and meat. The wonderful ambiance and warmth of the staffs are bonus on this.

Sa Volta
It is one of the finest hotels in Es Pujols. The hotel is beautifully decorated and its environment is extremely hygienic. The rooms are very comfortable with attached balconies and all other necessary facilities. Rooftop pools, Jacuzzi and private swimming pool make staying at Sa Volta a memorable affair.

Hostal Rosamar
This residential hotel is also rated among the best ones in Es Pujols. It is located near the small beach of Cala Pujols, which is about 2 kilometers bicycle ride from Es Pujols. The hotel is smaller in size and offers privacy and comfort to the tourists who stay here.

Sa Roqueta
Good food, welcoming ambience and scenic beauty are the primary attractions of this hotel. The rooms are clean and the whole atmosphere is hygienic. These make tourists highly satisfied as they stay in this hotel.Hotel Roca Plana
This hotel happens to be one of most comfortable options in Es Pujols, which is reasonably priced as well. The buffet dinner and breakfast offered in this hotel are of good standards.  The tourists who stay here are offered hygienic and clean rooms and bathrooms too, so that their stay is contented.

Things to do in Es Pujols

Es Pujols offers a range of amusement and entrainment options for the tourists who come here. Right from thrilling ventures to natural scenery and to night life options, Es Pujols has great variety of surprises for the visitors.

Night life

There are numerous bars and eateries along the little streets and sub-streets off the beach of Es Pajols.  Some of these night life hot spots operate throughout the night too. Thus, the terraces of the bars become lively even at the wee hour of the night, where holidaymakers and tourists chat and entertain themselves with wines, drinks and food.

Cala D’hort beach

A trip to this small beach gives the travelers an idyllic view of the mysterious island of Es Vedra. It is situated hundreds of kilometers off the shore. It is characterized by sandy beach on one side and pebbly contour on the other. It is a pleasure to visit this beach during the summers and take a surf bath on the beaches. The view of the sunset from this beach is also heavenly experience. The place is served by three good restaurants that are famous for offering fresh catches.

Passeig de ses Fonts

This place is located about 19.38 miles from Es Pujols city center. It is a part of the harbor side walkway of Sant Antoni Bay. This area was developed during early 1990s in order to improve the aesthetics of the town. The chief exhibits of the place are lush greenery, which features palms and rubber plants. The illuminated fountains present in Passeig de ses Fonts make the place even pleasant as the sunlight fades away. These are a series of top quality restaurants and cafes to serve the gastronomic needs of the holidaymakers, which present an enigmatic view of the Sant Antoni Bay.

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