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Formentera Resorts

As Formentera is quite small compared to the other Balearic Islands it’s a safe bet that which ever resort you choose to stay in is going to be quite quiet and laid back compared to many others.  We have 3 of the main tourist destinations below which a short description / text on the resort with the option to read more.


Es Pujols

While Spain had always been the most favorite among the tourists across the world, Es Pujols has gained immense popularity in the recent years. Located on the island of Formentera in the Balearic Islands of Spain, it is the only tourist resort on the island. The beauty of Es Pujols is its pristine ambience and welcoming coastal climate.

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La Savina

La Savina is a very small township; however, it has a network of several rural roads that lead to numerous beautiful corners of Formentera. The only route of entry into Formentera is through La Savina Township. Formentera is a small Spanish island found in the south of Balearic Island. This island is sunny, distinctive and unspoiled. La Savina is in fact a peaceful village without any airport.

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San Francisco

San Francisco or Sant Francesc Xavier is the capital of the Balearic island of Formentera, a small island that is a 30 minute ferry ride from the more famous Ibiza. It is one of just five regions of the 85 square kilometres of Formentera.  The warm Mediterranean climate, tranquil and pristine sandy beaches of the island attract tourists to San Francisco when they’re looking for a quiet and simple vacation, as the town has a peaceful marine atmosphere.

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