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Balearic Islands History

Balearic Islands are just a number of islands existing together located in the eastern part of Spain. These islands are located about fifty one miles away from main land of spain. On matters regarding size, these islands are quite big with a land mass area of about five thousand square kilometres. The islands mainly comprise of four main islands and other small islands. All these combined form the autonomous region that is referred to as Spain.

One of the main islands that constitute this particular Islands of Balearic is Mallorca. This is the largest and the main island that make up the Balearic Islands.Mallorcais about three thousand six hundred square kilometres in size. Among other islands that constitute this island are: Ibiza, Menorca as well as Formentera.
The BalearicIslands are a wonderful place to go on holiday to. These islands enjoy a marvellous Mediterranean climate that incorporates hot summers as well as cool sea breezes. There are a lot of people who visit these islands annually just to get to enjoy the spectacular views and wonderful climate that these islands offer. There are very many places that you can go visiting on these islands. Some of the places that you would not want to miss include the Menorca beaches and the colourful and very lively discos in Ibiza. Actually, there is something for everyone on these islands. It suits all the age groups as well as all the social classes of people. These islands have a great history that one would love to take a keen interest in.

These islands have a history that date back many centuries ago. The islands are located strategically between inside the sea of Mediteramian between Europe and Africa. This was a point where many ancient navigators passed through as they endeavoured to explore other new lands. It was because of this reason that the Balearic Islands became also a target of invasion and conquest.

It is believed that the first man on these islands arrived around 4000 BC. Artefacts have been found on caves that date back to these years. It is also believed that from the type of tools and equipment uncovered that the early man on these islands were hunters and shepherds. In Menorca which is the biggest island of Balearic Islands, the early settlers were among.beaker group of people. These are the same early men that are believed to have first settled in Western Europe. These people acquired their name from an ancient tradition where they used to bury the dead with pottery beakers.

After these early people, then came the Phoenicians. These are believed to arrive back in the years dating to 1000 BC. The Phoenicians developed settlements and lived a more civilised life than that of the people who preceded them. In fact the settlement that they established in north of Mallorcawas named ‘Sanisera’. This settlement served a very big role in become part of the Mediterranean route. It became a resting point for the sea travellers as well as a place to trade and replenish their food stocks as well as other stocks that they may require as they travel.

After a few years; came in a group of people clled Greeks. They moved all over the place but avoided settling in the islands because of the hostile nature from the local residents. The  Island’s name  is believed to have originated from the Greek ‘ballein’ which means ‘to throw with a sling’, while sling-shot was selected as the protective weapon  used by the native islanders.

Later in the years, there came the Carthaginians. This people established fortified settlements in the island of Ibiza. The people are thought to have actually arrived around the seventh century Before Christ. These people had a great culture and many of there tools and weapons have been found. They were more organised and lived in very well organised social clans.
The romans then came and invaded and took control of Ibiza and Menorcain 146 BC and 123 BC respectively. They renamed most of these islands to suit their culture and social lives. Romans were entrepreneurs and they brought a lot of wealth and developments to these islands. They were much organised and completely modernised these islands. They brought about communication and developed roads for transport. They were also merchants and they created vineyards for wine production. However the stay of the Romans did not last for very long as they fell with refusal of  Roman Empire.
In about tenth century, Balearic Islands was changed and placed under the watch of  Moorish control in a way made popular as compared to the spaanish  mainland. During the time whenen forces found in the Emir of Cordoba  which is the conquered Mallorca andMenorca. The Moors  was under the islands for  duration of approximately  3 centuries and  altered their original appearance in consultation with their architecture and irrigation methods.

In 1229, the Christian forces invaded and conquered Mallorca. This was under the leadership of Jaime I. Later in 1287,Menorcafell to Alfonso III. For a very long time the Balearics islands remained under the control of the Spanish until after 1701 during the Spanish war on succession.

During the  period of panish Civil War  that broke out in the years of  1936 to 1939, there was political split of Balearic Islands during the time in which Menorca and  also Ibiza  stood together with the Republicans, while Mallorcasided with the  individuals referred to as oatriots to their nation. When Franco died in 1975,Spainunderwent through a entralization  process. In the year 1983, the Balearics  grew up to be  a very autonomas a region of Spain, reffered to as the Comunidad. Did you know that Palma de Mallorca is the capital city?.

The Balearic Island stoday is a  very interesting location  any one can dream of visiting with a reliable climate. There are quite a number of  very good beaches, a good number of places  one can explore and widely varying locations that you will have an amazing time enjoying the places. oint of visiting the Balearics Islands and you will have a life time experience. Every one who happens to have visited this place happens to be having a posive confession about the area. It is an adventure worth trying as it is so rewarding.

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